“During the past five years I have had the good fortune of meeting weekly with Maria Wheeler. Our sessions have proved to be much more than therapeutic massage. She has the special ability to “map” ones body by identifying your strengths and weaknesses; then she focuses on resolving whatever issues that you might have. She has increased my flexibility, improved my ability to relax, and given me guidance regarding diet and exercise. I consider our sessions to play a very important role in my life and I highly recommend her expertise to people of all ages.”


“Maria is a wonderfully skilled and caring massage therapist. She brings an incredible level of knowledge and insight to her profession, and the calm, comfortable environment she creates is very relaxing. Each session is tailored to address the specific areas I’m having trouble with and Maria’s expert touch has allowed me to function so much better in my daily life and work. I guarantee that as you conclude a session with Maria you will find yourself anxiously awaiting your next massage. She is the best!”


“Maria Wheeler is your massage therapist, or she should be — that is, if you want the best in Austin! She is a body mechanic of the first order. She exudes professionalism and warmth, thereby creating a comfortable, relaxing atmosphere for her work, one that yields real health benefits for her clients.”